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The club Crown Inn Ac has booked a match on the 28th July 2018 for 15 pegs
The club Clipstone Ac has booked a match on the 28/7/2018 for 20 pegs
The club Bedford Ac has booked a match on the 26th August for 7 pegs pegs


Thrumpton Estate, the River Trent

Winthorpe Lake and River Trent

Members are reminded that Thrumpton is dawn till Dusk only - this rule is strictly enforced anyone breaking it is jeopardising their membership! Dawn till Dusk Times here

This is another flagship venue belonging to Ashfield Angling, it really is a anglers paradise with all styles and species catered for here. The venue is in several sections consisting of a small section of the river Soar, and a fantastic length of the river Trent. In the weir pool you can expect to catch huge Barbel / Carp and Chub. All styles of angling are suited here whether it’s a stick or Chubbier float, feeder / Bomb or waggler.

The Trent here varies in depths also with slow deep glides and shallow bubbling sections where there's great sport fishing for Grayling to be had. Certain members favour the lower section where the current is slower and Huge barbel hang around under the willow trees. Most baits work here also, with maggots and casters catching some of the lovely Roach and Chub that lives along here.

The odd Zander as made an appearance so too as the Pike. Some Huge carp also show from time to time all along the stretch. Fish the boilie or pellet and you can expect to catch some big Bream too. The Trent section runs from the outfall pipe near the weir downstream to just below the wooded area behind the conifers. Large Bream shoals and Carp frequent the section where the Trent meets the Soar.

Health and safety issues to be aware of - There are quite a few trees on this venue some are very old please take care during high winds.

The Bailiffs
Michael Romih Robert McClelland
Christopher Hutchinson Ian Wilson

Interactive Google Map of the location
Venue Specific Rules

Please close and lock the estate gate on entering or exiting the venue and drive along the track to the river. After taking your tackle to your chosen peg please return your vehicles to the car park area. You can enter the venue at the downstream end via a style/gate through the village. The river soar section can be got to by driving under the bridge at the top end above the weir and going though the wooden gate. NO NIGHT FISHING ALLOWED AT THRUMPTON - DUSK TILL DAWN ONLY


From North/South M1 motorway to junction 24 take exit A453 Nottingham Go past power station on left. Turn into Barton lane follow road turn left onto Church Lane, follow road into village estate entrance opposite Church on left. From Nottingham Take A453 to M1 motorway. Just before Radcliff power station on right, take slip road to left signposted Thrumpton village, follow road turn left onto Thrumpton, Church Lane, follow road into village estate entrance opposite Church on left.

A little bit about the History of Thrumpton Hall

Thrumpton Hall has a remarkable history that reaches back into the 16th century, when it belonged to the Powdrills, a Roman Catholic family who lost their home and lands through their involvement in the regicidal Babington Plot. (The plot was led by their young neighbor, Anthony Babington, who owned the Kingston on Soar estate.) Remains of the ancient Powdrill house can still be seen in the wall timbers, a Priest's hiding hole and a secret staircase, leading up to what was the Powdrill family chapel. In 1605, a new family took over Thrumpton. The Pigotts already had local connections at Ratcliffe-on-Soar.

They were both ambitious and politically amoral; the second Gervase Pigott used the fortune of his wife (a local Miss St Andrews, from Gotham) to transform the Powdrill manor house into a magnificant mansion. He removed much of the old interior, in order to create a magnificent carved staircase and an exquisite double-cube reception room overlooking his formal garden. Ambition ruined the Pigotts; in 1685, the house was taken over by their lawyer, a Mr Emerton, to whom they had been unable to keep up mortgage payments.

In the 1820's, the house and lands underwent a significant transformation. Mr John Emerton, said to be the most handsome man in Nottinghamshire, spent what was then the enormous sum of seventy thousand pounds on improvements: these included creating a beautiful lake that lies in front of the house.

The pavilion which now stands to the west of the house, looks towards Mr Emerton's lake; beyond it, lies the magnificent 350 acre park which he and his descendants landscaped and planted with rare specimen trees, including several magnificent Lebanon cedars. In 1838, the house was inherited by Mr Emerton's 16 year old niece, whose marriage to Lord Byron brought many fascinating Byron relics to the house.

Lord Byron's nephew (the 10th Lord Byron) was succeeded by his nephew, George Fitzroy Seymour, father of the present owner. George and the Hon. Rosemary Seymour (a sister of the 8th Lord Howard de Walden) devoted some fifty years to the restoration and preservation of this beloved family home. The house has been owned, since 1994, by Miranda Seymour and her husband, Ted Lynch, who share it with Miranda's mother.

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