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Matches Booked on Stoke Bardolph

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The club Army has booked a match on the Monday July 1st 2019 for 20 pegs pegs
The club Clipstone Ac has booked a match on the 20th July 2019 for 23 pegs pegs
The club Open Match has booked a match on the Saturday 24th August 2019 for 60 pegs pegs


Ashfield Angling Club - Common Questions and Answers

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When does Club Membership Season Start?

Ashfield Angling Club Membership Season Starts on the 28th February and runs for one full year.

How can I join Ashfield Angling Club?

This is a very popular club, so there may be a reasonable wait but it will be worth it, simply add yourself to the waiting list and wait to be contacted - follow this link to the Waiting Room.

How can I find my Web Site login details?

Your Membership Letter that came with your new Card has your new log in details - make sure the user name and password are the correct UPPER or lower case. If you are still struggling email us here

When do I renew my Membership?

Membership renewals must be complete on or before the 28th February, Please don't leave your membership renewal until the last second. We don't allow any membership renewals after the 28th February. If you don't get your renewal in by the 28th your place will go to someone on the waiting list and you will have to re apply to join the club AND PAY THE JOINING FEE.

Where is my Car Permit?

There has been a few Issues with cars with stickers being targeted for Fishing tackle, therefore Car Stickers are no longer provided.

Im on the Waiting List, how long will it take me to get in?

We wont know how many places are available until after the 28th February each year. We urge anyone who would like to join the Ashfield Angling Club to get themselves on the Waiting List ASAP. We do have an average drop out rate of 150 with around a 50% takup rate therefore 300 would come off the waiting list, the club is still growing and membership numbers are increasing every year when we take on new waters. We do also take into account venue usage when calculating the membership limit each year.

How do Juniors become Members?

Anybody under the age of 16 on the 28th Feb can fish our waters free of charge for that season, they must be accompanied by a fully paid up member of the club who is over the age of 18. They must fish in the same peg without breaking the rod limit for that peg. Apply here

Junior members don't need to go on the waiting list and can join the club at any point throughout the year. Once reaching the age of 18, junior members must submit a full membership renewal. Even if this takes the club over the total members for that season, we will adjust the membership figures the following season to account for this increase. Full membership is granted automatically to any junior member who reaches the age of 18 and has paid the full joining fees.

Note: There are no joining fee's for juniors when they reach the age of 18 if they have been a junior member.

Can Members take guests on club Waters?

Yes - Apply for Guest Tickets here. You MUST send in an associated email with the members details.

Do I have to help with Work Parties?

No, however all members are welcome to attend working party's, this is a great way to mix with experienced members, get to know the waters better and how they fish and improve our waters as a bonus :-)

Where can i Fish on a Day Ticket and what are the rules?

Look on the Day Tickets Page here - this is regularly patrolled by our Bailiffs who will collect the £4 fee. Make sure you follow all the Club Rules there is no pike fishing is allowed from the 1st April till the 30th September, make sure you read the Predator angling Rules before Predator fishing.

Why isn't the Question I would like answered on this Page?

This page is here to answer common Questions - If you have a question that isnt answered here, just click the following link to email the query to the Website and Facebook Man

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